There are many instances where rules are helpful and make life more navigable or even fruitful. The golden rule. A rule of thumb. The rule of 72.

But one place where rules do not belong is in fashion. I mean, for the most part. If there is a rule dissuading the flashing of nether-regions at high tea, then I support it. Otherwise, I generally hold that one should wear what they want, when they want.

Articles of clothing, shoes and accessories are often assigned rigid roles. Blazers are for work. Heels are for dressing up. Jeans are for casual affairs. And while these things are appropriate for these life events, I want to show that one can wear most anything for any reason.

To that end, I’ve decided to start a new series where I choose a fashion piece and show how it can be relevant to five specific life events, namely:

Casual: laid back, knock around, easy-going, comfortable (e.g., errand running, grocery shopping, movie date style

Business Casual: professional office environment, put-together, more conservative but less rigid than a suit-and-tie environment

Clubbing/”Going-out”: Style before comfort, sexy,  eye-catching (e.g. dancing, cocktail lounge)

Cocktail party/Dinner: dressy, effortless elegance, neat but not stuffy (e.g. office holiday party, class reunion, first date)

Occasion/Holiday: more formal, playful, glitz and glam, playful, bold (e.g. New Year’s ball, gala, evening wedding)

In the blog, I will showcase five different pieces within a category relevant to each of these events. In my corresponding YouTube post, I will take one specific item and style it in 5 different ways.

So keep reading and watching. You might get some ideas. You will probably be amused. And you will definitely see that there is almost always more than one way to skin a cat.

Peace Yinz,


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