I do not like camel toe. I do not like the way it looks and I do not like the way it feels. Perhaps this accounts for my higher than normal predilection for an inseam that begins several inches below my in-betweens.

Many find the drop crotch laughable but I contend that, done thoughtfully, this look can come off effortlessly chic.

One way to do this? Pair it with a pretty top.

Like this lovely burgundy pleated tank. Β The loose and easy fit of the shirt vibe with the spirit of the pants but the look is elevated but the pleating and a neckline that shows just the right amount of decolletage.

Another way? Wear statement shoes that signal that you dressed this way on purpose. I wish these shoes weren’t over 15 years old because I would insist that everyone buy a pair. Their comfort level is ridiculous yet they don’t skimp on style.

If you still think these pants are crazy but you’re a little curious, let your freak flag fly and give the drop crotch a go.

At the very least, the dromedary will be left in the desert where it belongs and your hibitty-jiblets will thank you for the breathing room.

Peace Yinz,


Shirt: Just Female Quint top here, here (in navy)

Pants: Mary Meyer Sahara pant. This line is going out of business 😦 Similar here, here, here, here

Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples Jorie here, here

Bag: Auxilliary Avercamp, large (unavailable)

Shoes: Diesel Style Lab (very old)


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