2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Series Introduction

I heard a sound the other day – a labored, creaking noise – like the hinges of a steam trunk bursting at the seams, straining against an incredible load. It was my closet, an explosion of dresses and pants, hangers jutting outward, no room to rest snug between its neighbors on the left and the right.

Considering this I knew that my closet would not tolerate the addition of all the items I fell in love with during my browsing, despite the opportunity to stock up on price-slashed fall season items released early by Nordstrom during its famous Anniversary sale.

Online and in-store access for cardholders started on 12 July and continues through 19 July with access to the sale opening to all shoppers on 20 July and continuing until 5 August. Items do tend to go quickly but it has been my experience that Nordstrom restocks even its most popular items. Once the calendar strikes 6 August, my little pumpkins, items go back to their regular prices so if there is something you have your eye on, think about swooping in if you can.

Now, though my closet protests, I did pick up a few items that I will share on my eponymous YouTube channel (here) this week or the next. But this blog series will serve to highlight everything that, if I were a tyrant and did not take such things as my closet’s feelings into consideration, I would add to my wardrobe post-haste.

Have a look-see and let me know if we have any desires in common. Until next time,



Peace Yinz,


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