2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Coats

Last year was a bumper crop of coats and jackets for me and “I need ABSOLUTELY NO MORE!” I hissed to myself. But when you see the offerings that caught my eye in this year’s sale, you might gently urge me to forgive myself if I transgress and add one or two to my wardrobe.

AVEC LES FILLES Faux Shearling Biker Jacket, (L to R) in Whisky and Black

I already have the pleasure of an Avec Les Filles Shearling jacket in my wardrobe that I got in a different sale last year. I have mine in the black (the whiskey has sold out at the time) and my telling you that it was my GO-TO coat of the fall and winter last year is an understatement.  It goes well with everything – dressed up or down – and is incredibly warm. I am tempted to get it in the brown, digging that Amelia Earhart, aviator vibe.  It’s of a longer length and quite over-sized, so take your true size or even size down.

L to R
SAM EDELMAN Oversize Faux Shearling Moto Jacket
TREASURE & BOND Convertible Leather Jacket
AVEC LES FILLES Faux Fur Lined Plaid Biker Jacket

Loving how the deep red and burnished bronze colors of faux shearling on the first and last coats pop against the rest of their respective jackets. And I adore the check print of the latter. All beautiful examples of variations on a classic. That leather jacket in the middle? It’s longer line? The seeming supple rather than stiff appearance? For $219.90? Are you kidding me? Hi, Felicia!

L to R
LEVI’S® Oversize Denim Trucker Jacket
LEVI’S® Oversize Cotton Canvas Trucker Jacket

I find that I am gravitating more towards longer versions of jackets that traditionally end at the waist. Denim jackets are the epitome of comfort and laissez-faire and I think a longer length helps accentuate that energy. Another contributor? The heavily loved look of washed out denim. These grey and blue offerings are lovely examples of this.

L to R
AVEC LES FILLES Denim & Faux Shearling Trucker Jacket
PENDLETON Madison Jacket

Living and dying for the fuzzy shearling and oversized collar of the first denim jacket! I hear disco and I see strobe lights and both things make me want to dance! Loving the nod to the 1970s, liberal arts college student with big hair and even bigger sunglasses from the Pendleton jacket. Looks like it would be just the thing for a cool autumn evening.

L to R
VINCE Plush Fleece Zip Front Hoodie
WOVEN HEART Faux Fur Teddy Coat

Listen. That first jacket looks like a hug when you need it most. Love it. The second coat? I wanted the Max Mara teddy coat (here), that was all the rage last year, so badly that I could taste it. Or, perhaps what I was tasting was the sting of being slapped in the face by that humongo price tag. This Woven Heart version is beautiful. I love the color and the fluff. My hesitation is the length. I wish it was below the knee but it’s an incredible looking, versatile coat, regardless.

KENSIE Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat

You.Need.A.Faux.Fur.Leopard.Jacket.In.Your.Life.For.REAL! I got one last year that is one of my absolute favorite coats in my wardrobe and one that I thought was unbeatable. But this one is out of this world as well! I love the deep, auburn brown, the plush, the length and those HUGE lapels! There being something glam about looking like you’re being swallowed by a leopard, I would go for a baggier fit. I mean, being swallowed whole doesn’t sound glam, but trust me. It’s a lewk.

L to R
MURAL Oversize Midi Coat
AVEC LES FILLES Colorblock Cotton Trench Coat

Midi and longline length coats are elegance, incarnate. It’s no wonder that either is the traditional and most desirable length of the classic trench. Closed or belted, it streamlines a look. Open, it adds movement to an outfit when you’re stomping that sidewalk like Tyra’s watching. And there are so many variations. I’m especially loving the asymmetrical faux fur collar detail on the Sam Edelman below. So thoughtful.

L to R
SAM EDELMAN Walker Faux Fur Collar Coat
MURAL Blazer Midi Coat

So, there you have it. A line up of my fave coats in the Anniversary sale. I would love to know what your picks are. Start with how much you enjoy being gulped by a big cat. I’ll wait. Until then,

Peace Yinz,



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