Date night with the man-friend. I was looking forward to it all week. Tasting menu, a glass of wine, good conversation… one of the best ways to while away the hours. Dinner was in a small town and though I don’t ever mind being overdressed, I thought that tonight I wouldn’t splash out as is my wont.

A whisper of ruffle is classic and feminine, mayhaps made a bit edgier with the asymmetry of one are out.

Always in vogue, too, is a pair of black, flowing trousers. There isn’t a body type some form of this would not suit.

But, of course, this lady needed some glitz.

First, a glittering vintage belt that draws the eye to the smallest part of the waist and statement hoops punctuated with a pearl.

Then, this bag! Who has the audacity to put a safety-pin on a bag? There’s no confusing its wearer for someone accustomed to being addressed in the style of “Madam”.

The only way my husband would ever be in one of my blogs.

The wine was beautiful and the company more and with an outfit that suited both me and the atmosphere I’d say the evening was a success!

Consider adding a bold element to an ensemble if you’re wanting that something extra. A little safety-pin glam never hurt anybody.

This is what I’m going to use if I forget to take a “Peace Yinz” shot.

Peace Yinz,



Shirt: Old Navy, here

Pants: unavailable; similar here, here

Belt: Judith Leiber (vintage); The Real Real has cornered the market, here. Even saw mine on there

Earrings: Old Navy (unable to find); similar here, lots on Etsy

Bag: Bohdi (unavailable), but check this out! And this, here. Actually, just check out the whole site. It’s wackadoo (which means, I like it), here

Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (old); similar here, here, here

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