Introduction to Operation Sexy B*tch

One of my goals for this years was to get back into shape by exercising and eating mostly clean consistently. Stress has a way of derailing my efforts and though I started of the year on a good foot, I’ve definitely been knocked off track. So I’m sharing the revamp of my journey with this 4 week series that will include this introduction, weekly mini vlogs of my workouts and a wrap up. I plan to make periodic video posts of my progress. I’ll posting what I’m eating and recipes here on the blog.

I’m very excited about this. It feels really different, this time, as my focus is more total wellness, which includes changing the way my mind thinks about things. If anyone is also on a health journey, I’d love to hear and/or read about it. Hope everyone is well or on the path to get there!

Peace Yinz,


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