Two things happened the day I wore this outfit.



One. I told my husband that he may have married a 70’s porn star. He said he was fine with that.


Two. A woman came up to me and said that I looked like a “bad-ass Cinderella”.  I’ve already filed that under the “Best Compliments” tab of my brain’s Rolodex.


There are some days when your outfit hits that sweet spot of making you feel super comfortable in your own skin while also making you feel super fly. This was one of those for me.

Of course time and weather did not permit me attempting blog-worthy photos but I could not let this gem go to waste. So, restroom selfies it was! Actually didn’t seemed to detract from the vibe. Good thing or a bad thing? I say the former.


So, from one bad-ass Cinderella to another, I hope you have a days full of dressing how you want and not giving a crap (except, of course, when you’re in a restroom).


Peace Yinz,



Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples Elsie: here

Necklace: (old), just a long chain wrapped once to make a choker/chain combo look

Lariat necklace: (also in gold) here

Jumpsuit: Asos, here; similar here, here

Coat: Topshop (unavailable)

Boots: Zara, here

Bag: Alexander Wang Chastity mini, here


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