I am not the girliest of girls but I do enjoy my femininity. With a few tweaks, of course, to add an edge that suits my personality.

Take this dress. It is nothing short of beautiful. The colors are lush. The swirls of pattern are graceful. And the ruffles… those delicate tufts of gathered fabric that lend a prettiness to a garment. They do not fail to do the same on the bodice and skirt of this masterpiece. Add to it a tie that allows cinching in that waist and you’ve got an overall silhouette fit for #thefleekersex.

Now, Chocolate Love — my avatar — had something to say about this outfit. She wasn’t vibing a long, tailored wool coat to pair with this dress. This minx is about opulence. She’s about making a statement. She not only thinks outside the box, she sets the box on fire and dares anyone to put it out. So, a deep brown, fluffy, leopard print coat it was, nevermind the clashing of prints like titans.

There was brief consideration of a sleek knee high stiletto boot. CL was not having it. “Go home if you’re not up for going big, as the adage goes,” she crowed. Well with that perspective, I had no choice but to pull out these studded, lily white numbers with a contrasting black wedge. The kind of boot that other boots try to keep up with.

After piling half of my dreadlocks high on my head to help make the statement earrings more visible, I was ready for my day. And do you know what I did that day? I went to the grocery store and the post office. CL was well pleased.

Ruffled dresses are incredibly versatile and can be made to fit most anyone’s wardrobe, from the most demure to the most rock and roll. It all depends on how you style it. So if your avatar is insisting that you make it #werk, don’t ignore s/him. Most of the time, they know what they’re talking about.

Peace Yinz,



Earrings: Betsy and Iya Caderas here

Coat: J crew (unavailable) similar here, here, here, here

Dress: And Other Stories (unavailable) similar here, here, here

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell x Free People Jagger here

Bag: The Stowe Brady bucket here

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