I am not typically ambivalent. I usually either enthusiastically love something or vehemently hate it. It’s one of the reasons the mullet perplexes me. Are we working on an MBA whilst upgrading our starter home to one with a bigger yard for our Labrador retriever? Or are we doing keg stands in the band tee we woke up in this afternoon surrounded by besties with whom we’re vaguely acquainted? I mean, make up your mind, right? Well, thanks to a serendipitous consignment store find, this jacket – which is business in the front and a party in the back- had me straddling the line of business and casual.

Sleek lines, crisp strong shoulder and a slightly boxy and oversized structure, this blazer could be styled to work well in professional environments.

That is, as long as you’re sure to always back away from everyone you talk to. Because if you turn around, it’s a little booty peek-a-boo.

These loafers could put some prep in your step, make you fit right in at the office’s annual lobster luncheon at the docks.

That is, until you pair them with sporty, high-waisted, cotton pants. What I refer to as my “occasion sweats”.

Nothing shines up an outfit like an elegant bag. That is, unless you sling it crossbody and wear it unlatched like YDGAFIAHW.*

Really, the sunglasses were the only thing in this get-up that could make up its mind.

Honestly, though, nobody parties harder than a grad student. So, I suppose, enjoying aspects of seemingly opposite things is not fickle; it’s being two sides of the same coin.

But, if you ever catch me in a mullet, call the cops. Because that’s not me and I’m being held for ransom. Hope you’re embracing all aspects of you!

Peace Yinz,


*You don’t give a fart in a high wind


Blazer: Chalayan split back, crepe twill blazer, bought in a consignment store (unavailable); similar here, here, here

Pants: Mary Meyer Everyday pants; here, here

Shirt: Who What Wear lace trim cami (on sale!); here

Shoes: Topshop Karpenter loafer, go up 1/2 size; here

Bag: Chloe Drew, small. Can find this everywhere; here, here

Sunglasses: Style #2566. So many colors! Made in small batches; here

Earrings: Betsy & Iya Koa hoops, large; here

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