How do you take a perfectly lovely, classically cut, songbird of a dress and ruffle its feathers?

First… take a slouchy cardigan the color of your least favorite condiment and slather it over the top.

Then… snub the garden party you will not be invited to, you minx, by donning floral socks with heels attached.

Next… grab a bag that’s not so much playful as it is motorcycle gang street fight.

And finally… add a pair of sunglasses that could provide shade for another person if you just put their heads together.  Et VOILA! You’ve knocked this little blue angel off its high horse.


If you find a piece you like but you’re not sure it fits your style, make it fit your style. This is YOUR runway, not theirs. Here’s to staying fabulously you!


Peace Yinz,



Dress: Old Navy (old)

Cardigan: BDG Parker cardigan. The link was working and it’s still available but then it stopped working, even directly on the Urban Outfitter site because, technology.

Boots: Zara (unavailable), similar here (I would snap my ankle but couldn’t you die?!), here

Bag: Chanel Boy

Sunglasses: here, inspired by here

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