Hi all! Long time, no post. I had the pleasure of going on a vacation and had grand plans of having posts queued up to upload while I was gone but was foiled by a punishing work schedule. I’ve just come back 3 days ago and am looking so forward to sharing the trip and all other ideas I have jotted in my little notebook.

Today, how about a greedy little post not only about my heart’s desires with heart-attack price tags? I’m talking about high-end designer items on my 2017 wish list. Four months into 2017. Better late than never, right?

If the shoe fits, despite perpetually gaining weight, wear it. I thinks that’s how the saying goes.

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To start, the Chloe Susanna boots in white. These boots are some of the most comfortable I own and I have worn mine to near death. Easily one of my top two favorites shoes out there and in my wardrobe. And they get better with wear with a most pleasing slouch. These white ones? The bee knees!

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Next, another pair of ankle boots. Two years ago, when leopard print boots seemed to be “the thing”, I was looking everywhere for a pair that I fancied. I have always loved animal print and had a pair of leopard print smoking loafers for years that I finally gave up when the pony hair had rubbed off in a way resembling alopecia areata. Not wanting pony hair again because of this, I never found my boot. Until I saw this beauty last year. The Givenchy studded leather ankle boots in leopard print. They tick off all the boxes for me. Smooth leather, low heel, no pony hair, buckles I can ear undone for a messy edge or done up completely for those Emo days.

Next, bags. My kryptonite. Simultaneously my anti-drug and addiction. In 2016, a new bag to carry and admire probably kept me out of the slammer, so I like to think of it as where my potential bail money goes.

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THE bag that I have been lusting after for over 2 years is actually something quite classic but it’s architectural design and unique clasp have me captivated. The Celine Box bag in the smooth leather does nothing short of blow my hair back! I tried it on whilst traveling a couple of months ago in a stunning “cinnamon” hue that made my backbone slip. I would have bought it on the spot had the price tag not also made my knees buckle. So I’m biding my time and socking away some coins (PLEASE don’t have another price hike!) but I don’t think I should venture near it again without being accompanied by an orthopaedic surgeon.

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Another bag that has been saying my name for well over a year now is the JW Anderson Pierce bag. I don’t have the chutzpah to get a septal ring, but I think this compensates. My hesitation with getting it last year was the fact that the style I want cannot be carried cross-body. But now that you can’t spit without hitting a bag strap/chain in the clasp, this is no longer an issue. The only question is which one of all the amazing colors?

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I’ve been eyeing up a dress I could not currently fit a boob into but am considering adding to my pile of “goal dresses” anyway. It’s the Alice McCall Love Me Like You Do dress that is lacy, asymmetrical perfection! Can you imagine wearing this to a summer wedding or teaming it with tennies and doing your grocery shopping? No worries if you forget your loyalty card that day; people would be lining up to let you use theirs.

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And finally, a pair of sunglasses. Why I want yet another pair of sunglasses when I live in the land of perpetual grey is a special kind of masochism, I suppose. But I don’t think straight when I’m thinking about Linda Farrow. I had the chance to own a pair of her sunglasses from my favorite consignment shop here, but I waited because I knew they were going to slash the price in a couple of weeks. Except prior to that day, when I went to check on them online, they’d been sold. Crushing. I basically want anything by her, especially her metallic shades. But LAWD, are they a commitment! I may have to wait on another consignment find.

There you have it. My 2017 luxury brand wish list. I’d love to know if anyone is lusting after anything. Mayhaps my list should be a little longer? Glad to be back and hope everyone is well!

Peace Yinz,



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