Weird fact about me. I used to fly birds of prey. It was a random experience involving an ex, a falconer and a bird surgeon, but I won’t bore anyone with the details. Suffice it to say, a love for raptors has stuck and what better way to pay them homage than to wear a shirt with owls all over it? #thingspdxwouldsay



I didn’t have theme mind when I got dressed this day — sometimes I do. But as soon as I pulled this blouse out of my closet I saw visions of Soul Train and Studio 54. Nothing says the ’70s like bishop sleeves and a pussy bow.




I was feeling sassy enough to wear bell bottoms (or “trumpet trousers” as my immigrant husband calls them) but having none, I tried to mimic the effect with these amazing and most comfortable wide leg pants that ripple in the most satisfying way as I sashay down the street. Told you I was feeling sassy.


And platforms. How apropos! These are very comfortable, but they take some getting used to. I’ve done a few moves that look like I’m getting my swerve on in a night club but are actually just me trying to right myself when I nearly roll my ankle after stepping, unwittingly, on a rock.

One trend that I have always and will always love: metallics. Another one: fringe. It’s the movement, the liveliness that makes it so fun for me to wear.


I almost reached for big hoop earrings until my eyes were caught by a glint of green — nay, PEACOCK, and I thought “perfect!” I found it to be a little more unexpected given the relative predictability of everything else. Such a subtle detail, but as they say, the devil is in them.





Finally, this coat, if you can call it that.


This masterpiece of faux fur and silk.


I’ve already waxed poetic about this luxurious beauty in one of my first YouTube videos. When I found this, I was looking for something over-sized and sensible that could be worn in every day life. Nailed it.

I hope everyone is having a good day and sashaying down their own street like they bought it.


Peace Yinz,



Blouse (old)

Pants: Just Female (unavailable); similar here (love these!)

Coat: Maison Mayle here

Earrings: Grayling Jewelry here (do yourself a favor)

Sunglasses: Gucci (old)

Bag: Monserat de Luca Bochoa bag; here

Shoes: Chanel CC cap toe mule (older season); some lucky duck can get them here, here (I didn’t even know this color existed!)

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