Bomber Dot Com

I wouldn’t say I’m demanding (yes, I would) and I’m typically easy to please (no I’m not) but when it comes to bomber jackets, there are a few things I require.  It must be long enough not to rest perched on my bottom like book on a shelf. It must have a baggy fit and not grab at my torso and chest like I’m single and ready to mingle. It must have movement, no stiffness or structure, so I can push the sleeves up if I want, tie it around my waist if I want… And if you make it out of velvet? Girl, BUY!



Look at this jewel-toned treasure! Quilted blue velvet marked up with perfectly random patches with sleeve and a hem that pay homage to one of the world’s favorite fashion houses right now. #thegooch


And because I can’t get enough soft and I can never get enough shine, an oversized cashmere v-neck and a shimmery gold-toned skirt joined the fray.


A slouchy denim boot with gold hardware bookends the relative tame of the skirt and sweater. While you’re at it, why not juxtapose it with an architectural bag with silver hardware? Seriously, if metal-mixing was a religion, I’d be its high-priestess.

They say “confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.” That’s true. But judging by how that little birdie was eyeing me up, I think a velvet bomber and a top knot are a close second.

Hope everyone is stomping on their piece of the runway! Heads up, beauties!


Peace Yinz,



Sunglasses: Gucci here

Jacket: Asos here

Sweater: T by Alexander Wang here

Skirt: Zara (sold out), similar here, here

Boots: Chloe here (oh, so now they’re jut giving them away. JK), here, here

Bag: Alexander Wang here (I cannot believe I found this bag for you. I’ve had it for at least 2 years!)

Lariat necklace: Grayling jewelry here (RUN, DON’T WALK!)

Choker: Forever 21 (old)


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