I have described myself in the past as an “equal opportunity” shopper. I’ll peruse everything from thrift to luxury to find fashion items I love. But I think I developed a loyalty to a sunglass house I’ve just learned about. They are called DIFF and they are a charitable organization that is leaving the world better then it found it.

I discovered this brand while checking out sunglasses at my local Nordstrom. I had no intention of purchasing any sunglasses that day as we were smack in the middle of perpetual grey out here. But drawn to the style and impressed by the craftsmanship, I left with three. Oops.

Top: Becky, gold w/flash brown gradient lens
Bottom (L to R): Ella, rose gold w/rose flash lens; Becky, black w/ice purple mirror lens

My sales associated briefly mentioned that DIFF engages in a buy-one-gift-one program, whereby pair of glasses is donated for every pair of sunglasses purchased. I was familiar with TOMS’s similar concept. Many are probably aware of TOMS’s shoes and their principle of giving one pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair purchased. The have since expanded their charitable focus to giving the right to sight via glasses, surgeries and medical services; they provide products and services aimed at decreasing morbidity and mortality in pregnancy and childbirth; and they work on providing access to clean water, one of the greatest contributions to public health; and they help provide education and resources to prevent and respond to bullying. I have several pairs of shoes and sunglasses from TOMS but praising this well-established brand is for another post.

DIFF. Founded in 2014, their goal is to provide quality and stylish eye wear at a fair price, without compromising sustainability, while giving back to the world. As I researched the company, it was clear that (as usual) I was behind the curve as they have already made a buzz in the fashion community, being touted by and collaborating with fashion “influencers” and celebrities alike. The are committed to giving a pair of eyeglasses or an eye exam to someone in need for every pair of sunglasses sold, partnering with organizations that have been in then trenches working to provide this right to something most of us take for granted. As if that wasn’t enough, their Sabo project is an endeavor focused providing health, vocational and financial training as well as on employing tailors in Uganda to sew beautiful pouches in traditional African textiles while provide fair and reliable wages. The net profit from sales of the pouches helps fund Little Angels Primary and Nursery school which provides a safe environment where education is fostered. The net gain? Creating an environment in which communities are able to flourish for generations to come.  It’s the whole give-a-man-a-fish-versus-teaching-him-to-fish concept.

That’s all fine and good, but are the sunglasses wearable, I hear some of you whispering. A valid question. My answer? a resounding “Hell yeah!” They are gorgeous!

Their designs are on par with some of the most innovative styles out there. From cat eye to round, from understated to oversized, they’ve got the market covered. And the color choices are almost overwhelming. There is definitely something for every one.

But what impresses me most is the quality. The sunglasses are sturdy, yet lightweight. I have already dropped one of them several times (because I am a disaster) and, where other cheaply made sunglasses would have fallen apart, these just take the lickin’.

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest stockists (Nordstrom, Dillards) or click on the site to have a look-see. I think this brand is worth giving a try.

Peace Yinz,



Becky; Black+Ice Purple Mirror lens: here

Becky; Rose Gold + Brown Gradient lens: here

Lauren Akinx x DIFF Ella; Rose Gold +Rose Flash lens here



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